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“Accepting Applications” – #94

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On this week’s episode of The QC STEP Podcast, we’re talking about the term “Accepting Applications”. If you call a business or stop in to see if they are hiring, you will sometimes get the response, “We are accepting applications.” It’s a bit of a confusing answer. On this episode, we talk about what types of businesses are frequently “accepting applications” and why they take this approach to hiring.

We also talk about what your response to this answer should be, both at the moment and afterwards. We always say on this podcast how important it is to follow up after you apply and interview for a position. It’s even more important when it comes to businesses that say they are accepting applications and on this episode, you’ll learn why.

We have a question from a student at Mercer County High School. This student asks, “What should I do if I would like to become a vet tech?” and “Should I have a job shadow?”

We cover the different resources you can use to determine if your career goals are realistic and what you should do to start preparing yourself for any post-secondary training that might be necessary for that particular career goal.

Retail businesses are already advertising their seasonal openings and I share a statistic I recently read about the amount of time most job seekers spend on their job search.