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Going From Part-Time to Full-Time – #97

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On this episode of The QC STEP Podcast, we have a topic for those of you that are not yet working and we have an on-the-job topic.

We start things off with a student question. A student from Mercer County High School student asks:

I’d like to go from part-time to full-time. How do I ask my boss about this?”

This is a great question and it allows us to look at many different aspects of full-time employment. We look at what effect a move to full-time employment can have on your school work, family life and social life. I share what you should do before asking about a move to full time employment. It’s important to demonstrate to your boss that you’re deserving of a full-time position. Full time positions cost businesses money through various benefits and a boss is not going to want to move someone into a full-time position unless they value them as an employee. Here’s what you can do to show that you’re deserving a full-time position:

  1. Be at work every day.  Be on time every day.
  2. Do a good job and fulfill all of your job responsibilities.
  3. Go above and beyond what is expected of you.

Once we’ve established how to demonstrate that you’re deserving of a full-time position, it’s time to talk with your boss.  It’s a good idea to have this discussion rehearsed and planned out.  You’ll want to:

  1. Schedule a meeting.
  2. Tell your boss how working for them has made you a better and more knowledgable worker.
  3. Express an interest in a full-time position.
  4. Tell your boss why you think you deserve a full-time position.

We also look at how to handle the situation if you are not offered a full-time position.  I share how to use the rejection as motivation and avoid being discouraged.

If you’re looking for a job, we have a segment of this episode for you.  I recently read a study that said employers prefer to hire the friends and relatives of their employees.  We talk about networking and using your network to find a job frequently here on the podcast.