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“How to Get a Job After Being Fired” – Podcast #50

For this episode, I would encourage you to watch the video version of the podcast. The questions during the “My First Job” segment are not in audio, so the video version provides the most complete experience.

Welcome to the 50th episode of the QC STEP Podcast. There is a lot of information packed into this landmark episode. The first topic I touch on is that Home Depot has a job lead that states “bilingual individuals are encouraged to apply.” This serves as a reminder that speaking two languages is a real skill and you should sell that skill on your applications and interviews. Businesses see the value in an employee that can connect and communicate with a group of customers. That allows a business to better serve those groups of customers. So whether it’s Spanish, another foreign language or sign language, sell that skill!

I received a question from a teacher this week. Mrs. Gresch from Sherrard High School asks:

If you lose a job because of absences or tardies, or for any reason and were not favorably let go, how do you handle explaining this on the application or in an interview for another job?

This is a great question. My advice is to be honest. All applications ask why you left previous employment. I suggest writing “Will explain in person.” In this podcast episode, I also give you an example of how to handle the question in the interview. I believe that if your answer is similar to my example, you may actually increase your chances of getting the job you are interviewing for. Being fired isn’t an ideal way to end employment, but there are ways to recover and get a job after being fired.

In this episode, I mention that I wrote a blog post on how to use Twitter to get a job.  You can find that post here.

We have not had a “My First Job” segment in a long time. On this episode, Mrs. Hanson from Moline High School sits down in the studio and lets me grill her on her first job, which was a hostess at Cracker Barrel.