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List of Podcast Episodes

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“Accepting Applications – #94
Employment Goals – #93
2015-2016 School Year Intro – #92
Transitioning from High School to College: A Discussion with Susan Sacco of Black Hawk College – #91
Using QC STEP Over the Summer – #90
Transitioning to Post-High School Life – #89
4 Tips for Taking the Stress Out of Job Interviews – #88
Soft Skills – #87
Soft Skills – #87
Following-up in Your Job Search – #86
Showing You Want the Job – #85
Being Late for Work – #84
Job Promotions – #83
Common Job Interview Questions – #82
How to Professionally Leave a Job for a Better Opportunity – #81
Absences at Work – #80
What Should You Do If You Forget What To Say During a Job Interview – #79 – You’re in a job interview and the interviewer asks you a question and you just freeze. You have no idea what to say. What do you do? Watch this episode and you will be better prepared for this situation.

4 Ways to Manage Anxiety in Your Job Search – #78 – The job search process can be fairly traumatizing, especially if you’re trying to get your first job. But if you become too nervous and anxious, it can actually hurt your chances of getting a job. On this episode, I give you some practical tips to manage your anxiety in your job search.

5 Ways Being Involved in Clubs at School Can Help Your Job Search – #77 – Being involved in clubs can help your social life…and your job search. If you’re involved with a club at school, watch this episode to learn how to sell that experience on your job app and in a job interview.

Handling Bullying on the Job – #76 – Bullying on the job can come from many different people and on this episode, we share some tips on what to do if you’re facing bullying at the workplace.

Winter Job Market Slow-Down – #75 – The job market definitely slows down in the winter months and in this podcast you’ll learn where you might be able to find a job this time of the year. You’ll also learn what you can do during this slow period to prepare for your job search in the spring.

Interview with Kirk Marske of Career Cruising – #74 – Career Cruising has lots of features that can help you in your job search and in your career. On this episode, Kirk Marske of Career Cruising Quad Cities tells us what the website offers.

Turn Your Seasonal Position Into Permanent Employment – #73 – Whether you’re working a seasonal job or a permanent job, these tips will help you become a better employee.

Prepare Yourself for a Job Interview with a Job Description – #72 – If you’d like to prepare yourself for an interview, you can get a lot of great information on the position you’re applying for with a job description.

Availability – #71 – On this episode, I explain why the “Availability” section on job applications is important and give I give tips on filling out this section.

Get the Most Out of the Day of Transition – #70 – On this episode, I discuss the things that you can do to get the most out of the Day of Transition. By paying attention, taking notes and being engaged, you will put yourself in a position to benefit from this conference.

Day of Transition 2014 – #69 – On this episode, I describe the schedule for the Day of Transition 2014.

Asking Your Employer for a Raise – #68 – A student sent in a question on the topic of how to approach your employer for a raise and on this episode, I share my thoughts.

Why You Should Apply for Retail Seasonal Positions – #66 – On this episode, I talk about seasonal positions: What they are, why you should apply for them and where you can find them.

4 Tips for Preparing for Your Job Search – #65 – On this episode, I discuss the things that you can do before you start filling out applications to prepare for your job search. I also answer a student question on who to talk with if they have questions or problems on the job.

Take Advantage of STEP and Work While You’re in High School – #64
On episode #64, I described the services that you are eligible to receive as a DRS-certified student. On this episode, I tell you how those services can help you in your employment and encourage you to take advantage of the services and work while you’re in high school.

Intro to 2014-2015 – #63
On this, the first episode of the 2014-2015 school year, I introduce QC STEP staff and describe the services that you are eligible to receive as a DRS-certified student.

2013/2014 School Year
Using and The STEP Program Over the Summer – #62
On the last episode of the 2013-2014 school year, I tell you how you can use QC STEP over the summer.

Don’t Be Too Picky With Your Job Search – #61
On this week’s episode of the podcast, I talk about why you should not be picky in your job search. I read an email that was sent to Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs, and his response to the email. The email was asking Mike for career advice and Mike used the opportunity to talk about having unrealistic expectations from your employment.

3 Reasons You Should Work a Summer Job – #60
Sure, it’d be nice to sit around and do nothing all summer long, but here’s three reasons you should work a summer job.

10 Things to NOT Do in a Job Interview – #59
We talk all of the time about the things you should do in your job search or in job interviews. On this episode, I go over a list of 10 things that you should NOT do in a job interview.

4 Ways to be Successful in Your Job Search – #58
We get down to the basics in this episode and talk about the things that make your job search successful.

Preparing For Your Spring/Summer Job Search – #57
This podcast episode prepares you for your spring/summer job search. Don’t let the opportunity to gain work experience and money pass you by!

Your Elevator Speech – #56
Whether it’s for networking purposes or using in an interview, it’s extremely useful to have. On this episode, I give you tips on crafting your own elevator speech.

Why You Should Work While You’re In School – #55
On this episode, I go over the various reasons you should work a part-time job while you’re in high school.

3 Tips for Interviewing in a Loud Environment – #54
Employers conduct interviews in many different types of environments. On this episode, I give you information that will help you be successful with interviewing in a loud environment.

Should You Leave Your Job For a New Position? – #53
There are tough decisions to be made in the world of work. One of those tough decisions is whether or not you should leave your job for a new position. This episode helps you work through the decision making process.

What You Should Do With Your Job Search If There Are No Job Leads – #52
Sometimes there are no job leads and this podcast episode tells you what to do with your job search if that’s the case.

What You Should Do If Your Hours Are Getting Cut – #51
At different points in the year, business slows down and your hours may be cut. This episode gives you information on what you should do if it happens to you.

How To Get a Job After Being Fired – #50
How do you recover from being fired from a job and get another job with that bad reference out there? Watch this episode to find out.

4 Tips on What to do After Your Seasonal Employment Ends – #49
If you were let go after the holidays, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you were a bad employee. It just means that the business no longer had enough customers coming through the doors to keep you on. So if your seasonal employment has ended, let’s focus on the future and find that next job for you! Listen/watch this episode to hear details on my four tips on what to do after your seasonal employment ends.

5 Tips for Standing Out in a Group Interview – #48
Interviewing in a group of other applicants can be very intimidating and tough. This episode gives you 5 tips that will make this experience more successful.

What Should You Do If You Can’t Get to Work on Time Because of Weather or Transportation Issues – #47
There are legitimate instances when transportation issues or weather may keep you from work or make you late to work. This episode walks you through the process of how to handle the situation.

Resumés – #46
Resumés can be a mystery to a lot of high school students because many of you do not have much work experience to put on it. On this episode, I will not only tell you what type of stuff you could put on it, but I will show you how to construct your resumé to really sell your strengths.

5 Tips for Turning a Temporary Seasonal Position Into a Permanent Job – #45
There are several things you can do to give yourself a better chance of being offered a permanent position while working a seasonal job. This episode gives you some practical tips.

What to do with Day of Transition Information
This podcast tells you what to do with the information you received at the Day of Transition or any other conference/lecture.

4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Day of Transition – #43
This episode will help you get the most out of any conference that you go to. The information would also apply

4 Tips for Following Up After Applying – #42
You’ve turned your application in. Now what? It’s time to follow up. Here are four tips on doing that.

5 Tips for Filling Out Online Applications – #41
Online applications can be confusing and frustrating. On this episode, I give you five tips for getting through one of these applications.

6 Tips for Finding Seasonal Employment – #40
On the last episode, I talked about why you should work a retail seasonal job. Well, on this episode, I tell you how to find one!

5 Reasons You Should Work a Retail Seasonal Job – #39
Retail seasonal jobs are a great opportunity to gain work experience (and money). On this episode, I give you five reasons you should work one.

Showing a Strong Work Ethic & Day of Transition – #38
In this episode, I play a news story about a teenager that was offered a job he didn’t even apply for because he demonstrated such a strong work ethic.

2013-2014 School Year Intro – #37
We show off our new studio in this first episode of the school year.

2012/2013 School Year

#36 – Last Episode of 2013/2014 School Year
This episode wraps up the end of the first school year of the QC STEP Podcast.

#35 – Keeping Track of Side-Jobs Over the Summer
Do you plan on doing side jobs over the summer? Give yourself credit on job applications by including this work experience.

#34 – How to Find a Job With No Experience
How do you find a job when you have no work experience? Watch this episode to find out.

#33 – Job Fair for Teens
I use a job fair for teens as an opportunity to remind you of some of the job fair topics covered in earlier episodes.

#32 – Using and The STEP Program Over the Summer
On this episode, I explain how to use and contact our program over the summer.

#31 – Handling an Unexpected Question in an Interview
Regardless of how much you practice interviews, or how many interviews you’ve done, it’s still possible to be asked a question in an interview that you’re just not expecting. On this episode, I give you tips on handling that situation.

#30 – Interview with Susan Sacco from Black Hawk College
On this episode, I interview Susan Sacco, who is the Disabilities Services Coordinator at Black Hawk College. She talks about the time-table for applying at attending BHC and describes how her office can help you receive services.

#29 – Gaps in Work History
When interviewing, it can be difficult to explain gaps in work history. On this episode, I review an article that explains how to do this.

#28 – Corn Detasseling

Corn Detasseling is a great way for students to gain work experience over the summer. This is one of the few paid jobs that students under the age of 16 can work. In this episode, I interview Scott Hemm, who runs a detasseling crew. We also talk about the value in this type of work experience.

#27 – Why Should You Work a Summer Job?
There are many benefits to summer employment and I discuss them on this episode.

#26 – Intro to Resumes
This episode introduces you to the idea of resumes and how you can use them in your job search.

#25 – Filling Out Online Applications
Online applications are becoming increasingly common. Here are a few tips on filling them out.

#24 – Spring Seasonal Jobs
On this episode, I talk about the spring/summer seasonal jobs that exist for students under and over 16 years of age.

#23 – My First Job with Brian Gardner
On this installment of “My First Job”, Mr. Garner from Riverdale High School talks about his first job at The Quad City Downs.

#22 – Career Fair Follow-up
On this episode, I talk about the ways to organize your materials and come up with a game-plan after job fairs.

#21 – Review for Career Fair
I wrap up all of the job fair discussions in this job fair review episode.

#20 – How to End a Conversation at a Job Fair
You’ve introduced yourself to an employer at a job fair. You’ve sold yourself. Now in this episode, you learn how to end the conversation.

#19 – How to Sell Yourself at a Job Fair
Once you’ve started the conversation with an employer at a job fair, you need to know how to sell yourself.

#18 – How to Start a Conversation at a Job Fair
There are many intimidating aspects of job fairs. On this episode, I give you tips on starting conversations with employers at job fairs.

#17 – What to Wear to a Job Fair – 1/29/2013
On this episode, I talk about the appropriate way to dress for a job fair or career fair.

#16 – Introduction to Job Fairs
This episode is the first in a series of episodes on job fairs and career fairs.

#15 – My First Job with Michele Hemm – 1/15/2013
This is the first installment of “My First Job”, Mrs. Hemm from Riverdale talks with us about her first employment situation.

#14 – Gaining Work Experience Over Winter Break – 12/18/2012
On this episode, I talk about the opportunities you have over winter break to gain work experience to use on future applications. You can find the PDF for the snow shoveling flyer on this post.

#13 – Turning a Volunteer Job Into an Employer Paid Position – 12/11/2012
On this episode, I interview someone that turned a volunteer job into an employer paid position. Teddy and his mother, Consuelo give you ideas on how you can turn your training or volunteer job into an employer paid position. Janine Olson talks about mentally preparing yourself for your interview.

#12 – “Do Something!” – 12/04/2012
Gary Maiden has some words of wisdom for you: Do Something!

#11 – Interview with Food Service Manager of Hope Creek – 11/27/2012 (Audio only)
I interview a food service manager from Hope Creek and she talks about she evaluates students that are working skill development site positions and determining if they should be hired for competitive positions. Cari Stewart also talks about following up interviews with thank you letters.

#10 – Getting References for Your Applications and Resume – 11/20/2012 (Audio only)
Cari Stewart gives you some tips on getting references for your applications and resumes.

#9 – Interview with Kay Meyers of Hy-Vee – 11/14/2012 (Audio only)
In my second interview with Kay Meyers from the John Deere Road Hy-Vee, she talks about the different positions that Hy-Vee and other grocery stores have. She also talks about what she looks for in employees to determine who gets promoted. Then, Janine Olson gives some tips for filling out applications.

#8 – Increasing Your Skills at a Skill Development Site – 11/06/2012 (Audio only)
I sit down and talk with Mrs. Gresch from Sherrard High School and talk about Skill Development Sites. What work skills can you learn and develop and how can you use this situation to get a competitive job in the community? Mrs. Gresch tells us! Also, Gary Maiden talks about proper body language.

#7 – Interview with McDonald’s Hiring Manager (Audio only)
In this interview with a hiring manager from McDonald’s, we hear about the different types of positions at McDonald’s. She also gives some tips for students that are applying for jobs and have no work experience. Don Kearney also tells you “Got a Job? Keep it!”

#6 – Seasonal Positions – 10/23/2012 (Audio only)
I follow up my interview with Patty, the Kmart human resources manager by talking more about seasonal positions. I give you a few tips on interviewing for seasonal positions and some suggestions on what you can do to try to secure a regular position and stay on after the holidays. Janine Olson encourages you to “Do Your Research” with your job search.

#5 – Interview with Patty, Kmart Human Resources Manager – 10/16/2014
I interview Patty, a human resources manager from Kmart. Kmart is one of many retail businesses that does seasonal hiring and that topic is what this interview is about. Gary Maiden also talks about “First Impression, Lasting Impressions.”

#4 – Applied Online? Follow Up! – 10/09/2012 (Audio only)
Don Kearney talks about following up on an online application.

#3 – Anna Soderman on Social Networks and Your Job Search – 10/02/2012 (Audio only)
Anna Soderman is an Employment Specialist for an agency that serves people with disabilities in Michigan. Anna talks about using your social network accounts to find a job. Cari Stewart also talks about something you will surely face in a job interview – “Tell me about yourself.”

#2 – Interview with Kay Meyers on Interviewing – 9/25/2012 (Audio only)
On this episode, I interview Kay Meyers on the topic of interviewing. Kay is the Human Resources Manager for the John Deere Road Hy-Vee. Kay talks about the Hy-Vee online application process and what she looks for in an applicant. Gary Maiden also comes on the podcast and tells students “Don’t Be Too Picky” in the job search.

#1 – Intro to – 9/17/2012 (Audio only)
This episode is an introduction to and describes how you can use the website and the podcast to reach your employment goals.