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Podcast #30 –
Interview with Susan Sacco from Black Hawk College

Welcome to the 30th episode of the QC STEP Podcast. I start things off by sharing this week’s job leads. If you would like more information or assistance with the applications, fill out the contact form below.

The school year is quickly coming to an end and some of you Seniors are weighing your options with work and school. Enrolling at a community college, like Black Hawk College, is quite a bit different than what you’ve been through with registering for classes in high school.

On this episode, I interview Susan Sacco, who is the Disability Services Coordinator at Black Hawk College. Susan describes the enrollment process, from applying to filling out financial aide paperwork to registering for classes.

Susan also works with students with disabilities and helps them with accommodations to help ensure their success at Black Hawk. Susan describes the accommodations that students at Black Hawk can receive. She also explains how accommodations at a community college differ from accommodations students receive in high school.

If you are interested in sharing this interview with other students or parents, I have separated the interview from the rest of this podcast episode and it can be found at