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Helping you get a job and keep that job


Podcast #6 – 10/23/2012

Welcome to the 6th episode of the QC STEP Podcast. In this episode, we share the current job leads and there’s quite a few of them this week. I’d like to thank those of you that have sent some in for us. You can submit job leads to share by submitting them in the entry box on the front page of the website.

In the last episode, I interviewed Patty, a Human Resources manager at Kmart. She spoke about seasonal positions and in this episode, I go over a few more things on this topic. I give you a few tips on interviewing for seasonal positions and some suggestions on what you can do to try to secure a regular position and stay on after the holidays.

Janine Olson is our new Youth Transition Educator and she gives us the Tip of the Week, which is “Do Your Research”.