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Resumés – Episode #46

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Mrs. Gresch from Sherrard High School asked me to speak about resumés on the podcast and with the discussions on seasonal employment and the Day of Transition, I neglected this topic. I will give you my answers to the following questions:

* What is a resumé?
* Should you create a resumé?
* What should you put on a resumé?
* How should you turn in a resumé to an employer?

Resumés can be a mystery to a lot of high school students because many of you do not have much work experience to put on it. On this episode, I will not only tell you what type of stuff you could put on it, but I will show you how to construct your resumé to really sell your strengths.

Isaiah sent in a few questions on where he is in the interview process.

I have a drug test tomorrow. After the test, what happens? After that, do I get the job or do I come in for a third interview? How should I dress for the drug test?

On this episode, I give my answers for Isaiah’s questions. If you have questions that you would like answered on the podcast, you can send them through Facebook, Twitter or email them to