Prepare Yourself for a Interview with a Job Description – QCSTEP Podcast #72

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We talk a lot about selling yourself in an interview. Did you know there’s something you can DO at the interview that will allow you to demonstrate the “initiative” or “good work ethic” that you will probably claim to have during your interview.

Shawn from Mason City, IA works with adults with disabilities and helping them find employment. He emailed me something he has observed with the people he works with when they are at interviews that involve a lengthy walk from customer service to the interview location.

If you claim to be a hard-worker and to take the initiative in your work, but then lag and fall behind the interviewer in the walk to the interviewing location, that hiring manager is going to remember what they saw, not what they heard. After all, “actions speak louder than words.”

The other topic I discuss on this episode is an employment tip – when you pick up a job application, ask if you can get a copy of the job description. If you fill out an application online, you can sometimes find the job descriptions for the different positions posted on their website.

Having the job description is basically like having a cheat-sheet for the interview. By reading through the job description, you can pretty easily determine what is important to this business, and what they are looking for in an employee.

I also talk about meeting with a student last week that felt like the “Work Experience” portion of his job applications is pretty empty. On this episode, I talk about padding this portion of your job applications with volunteer work. I mention Davenport Volunteer Connection and if you’d like to gain some work experience through volunteer work, check out the Davenport Volunteer connection website.