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Throwback Episode – Planning on Going to College?


This week, we’re going to throw it back! A month or so ago, I reminded you that I interviewed Susan Sacco from Black Hawk College on Episode #30 of the podcast. Whether you are a Senior considering Black Hawk or any other schooling after graduation, or if you’re a Junior that is looking ahead, Susan has valuable information for you in this interview.

This information isn’t necessarily specific to Black Hawk College.

In your IEP meetings, QC STEP staff has probably mentioned that the services your receive in high school are quite a bit different than what you will receive in post-high school education.

In this interview, you will learn:

  • When you should start the process of applying.
  • What the registration process is, from the COMPASS Test to meeting with an advisor to signing up for classes.
  • Why you should keep your Senior IEP.
  • What accommodations you receive in high school that you will not be able to receive in college.
  • What accommodations you CAN receive in college.
  • What a VISA form is and how it can help you at Black Hawk College.

Here’s the video for the interview and I’ll be back next week with a new episode of the podcast.