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What You Should Do If You Can’t Get to Work Because of
Weather or Transportation Issues – Podcast #47

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Last week, I was at Sherrard High school and Mrs. Dahlstrom and Mrs. Gresch suggested that I talk about what you should do if you’re not able to get to work because of bad weather or transportation issues. We are heading into winter and this is an issue that we will all face, especially if you live in a more rural area. I’d like to say that you should NEVER miss work or be late to work, but the reality is that sometimes the weather is bad and sometimes we have transportation issues.

So on this episode, I give you tips on handling these situations. I will go into detail about:

* Let this be the rare exception.
* Make your alternate plans now.
* Communicate with your employer.
* Offer to make up the time.

We have a question from a student this week. Morgan asks:

Should an employer know what kind of medication you take?

This is a great question with a lot of gray areas. I tell you my thoughts on this topic. In the near-future I plan to talk about a related topic: Should you disclose your disability to a potential or current employer?

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